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For the hardcore users who know exactly what they want. You conceptualise, we actualise.

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For the hardcore users who know exactly what they want. You conceptualise, we actualise.

Custom Workstation PC

Looking for a custom workstation PC for your production works and rendering tasks but just don’t know where to start? You are exactly where you need to be with Techtonic Mods.

Fill us in on your purpose, needs as well as budget and we’ll put together your rendering or 4K video editing workstation that’s specific to your requirements. Rest assured, our team of tech consultants are well versed with the hardware requirements of various software suites.

Custom Editing & Rendering Workstation

3D modelling & rendering workstations are not your typical PCs. Built to be more robust, our custom workstations are designed to complete more complex workflows, such as video editing and rendering, motion graphics and animation as well as 3D designing.

Using our custom PC builder service, you’ll be able to accomplish more in less time. With high-end graphics installed on our custom video rendering & editing workstation, you’ll be able to render and animate at the speed and level of details you need. All of this to ensure you have the optimal experience paired with unparalleled support to ensure that you experience minimal hardware downtime.

Our custom workstations are centered around our users. We understand that your demanding and complex professional workflows call for outstanding usability and reliability, combined with engineering excellence. We build every desktop with not just performance in mind, but also with optimised airflow and aesthetics as well.

We’re confident in our assembly process but take it a step further and professionally stress test your custom workstation before releasing them out to you. Any build that doesn’t pass our QC process instantly goes back to the drawing board and replaced to ensure exceptional reliability.

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