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Custom Build PC Gallery

Figure out your Custom PC aesthetics

Figuring out the aesthetics of a desktop can be tricky if you don’t have any examples to base them on. So feel free to use our PC gallery to seek inspiration. 

There’s a wide variety of builds to refer from in planning your next build. Some factors to consider are colour of your internal components like RAM, motherboard and fans but also the size and form factor of your desktop case!

Custom gaming desktop built in the Phanteks NV7 to handle all games at max settings
2 6af97175
3 0e936c48
13 1 F834ee28
14 1 Be9f75c8
15 1 A0d5e073
Custom rendering workstation built in the NZXT H9 to handle all forms of editing and rendering at 4K.
5 A0d9de99
6 02bc71ec
10 B946e749
11 D3f77246
12 Df2370f0
7 5f5bf143
8 0a577177
9 108c10f7
16 963be779
17 Fc8a7276
18 1ccf3422